Easter Swing

April 9th – 12th, 2020
Seattle, Washington

Welcome to the homepage for Seattle Easter Swing! Easter Swing is an entirely volunteer-run West Coast Swing event, sponsored by the Seattle Swing Dance Club, and held annually on Easter Weekend! Activities include competitions, workshops, routines, social dancing, and more! We hope you’ll join us for this year’s festivities, we have some exciting things planned!



Free coffee is provided for all guests in the ballroom throughout the weekend, sponsored by our own Laura E. Hunter!   A welcome pick-me-up for those early morning workshops!

Minty’s Bar

Our ballroom features a raised bar and lounge area, where you can enjoy a drink while you watch the festivities!  The name comes from Jim Minty, who was our event director for many years.

Couch Seats

Want the best view from a comfortable couch?  Order your premium pass now and you can have your own reserved seating area which can fit up to six people comfortably, from a riser that lets you see over all the tables!

Easter Eggs

Contest winners can look forward to taking home a locally hand crafted blown glass Easter egg!  These are custom made for Easter Swing each year and feature a unique new design every time!

News and Updates

Welcome to the New Site for Seattle Easter Swing!
2 / 10 / 2020
New for 2020! We hope you enjoy our shiny new website, just one of the many new upgrades we’ve been working on to bring you the best event experience we possibly can! Thanks for visiting, and we hope to see you at Seattle Easter Swing 2020!


Competitions are an exciting component of any West Coast Swing dance convention. We are sanctioned by the National Association of Swing Dance Events and registered with the World Swing Dance Council and participate in the Rising Star Tour.  Please review the Competition Rules prior to competing. Rules are subject to change with, or without, notice. Rules are also available at the Competition Registration Desk.  Scoring by Mark Slater,  Step Right Solutions.




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