Sean & Courtney Critique Clinic, FOLLOWER Novice/Intermediate


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Critique Clinic

Do you ever wish you could get immediate feedback from your Jack and Jill’s, Strictly’s, or even social dancing?

Critique clinic is your opportunity to do just that! Each dancer will have the opportunity to dance in a mock Jack and Jill setting, then receive instant coaching with an opportunity to dance again and apply!

Sean and Courtney will help you identify and emphasize your strengths, move you through drills to improve presentation, or give you tips and strategies to better connect with your partners and the music. Learn alongside your peers! There is so much more to be gained beyond your own critiques! Critique Clinic will place you with dancers in your competitive peer group, giving you the opportunity to learn from each other’s feedback and try out many of the drills, techniques, and skills that are presented along the way as a cohesive group.

Critique Clinic will be held in 90 minutes sessions offered in 2 levels: Nov. / Int. and Adv. / All-Star as determined by WSDC points.

We are only opening 15 slots for leaders and 15 for followers in each level to ensure that each dancer receives the ideal feedback time. Make sure to reserve your place now!

Sign up now for only $45 per person! Thats 1/3 the cost of a private lesson for two rounds of feedback plus group instruction!

Novice/Intermediate Session: Friday, April 11 @ 2pm-3:30pm
Advance/All-Star: Friday, April 11 @ Midnight-1:30am

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