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Game Changer Teachers Clinic

The Newcomer Retention Formula

“How to keep and grow new dancers beyond their first class”

This includes how to:

  • How to inspire and motivate new dancers to want to take more WCS classes
  • Get clarity on which skills new dancers really need and the ideal sequence to deliver them in
  • How to teach the fundamental techniques (before patterns) of WCS in ways that keep students entertained and not overwhelmed
  • How to get students achieving success early and often to make WCS more accessible and conquerable
  • How to leverage proven pedagogical techniques, tactics, and strategies to make your classes more engaging, magnetic and fun!

You will walk away with:

  • A series plan template for a Beginner series proven to retain students
  • The ideal drills to get students to “feel” the dance sooner and have more fun
  • A checklist of skills you can use to recognize and celebrate students’ success
  • Concrete ways to train students to crave technique instead of patterns

Open to: current and aspiring teachers

Part 1: Friday, April 11 @ 5:30-7pm
Part 2: Saturday, April 12 @ 2-3:30pm

Read more details about the Game Changer Teachers Clinics here.

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